Living Stream Ministry (LSM) publishes the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee which focus on the enjoyment of the divine life and building up of the church. This website has links to the latest audio/video recordings of trainings and conferences, buy bibles and hymnals, buy books by Nee and Lee, and other helpful resources to get into this ministry.

The online publication of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee produced by LSM.  Read and search the ministry of our two servants of the Lord. *Some functions may require a subscription. 

Find a local church around the world, read testimonies of believers, read answers from frequently asked questions, and much more.

This website addresses rumors that have arisen over the years regarding the local churches and the ministry of God’s word through Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

Receive daily the Word of God via email.  With a few verses from the Bible and a short word of ministry, it will nourish you and strengthen your faith.  This is a free service.

A non-profit organization with the goal to give free study New Testament Bibles, Recovery Version.  Also, to give free Christian books to people across America, free of charge!

A source of spiritual supply and encouragement to the working saints in the Lord’s recovery and all seeking believers.  

Pray, give, and go for the spread of the Lord’s recovery in the United States and Canada. Learn and stay up-to-date of the Lord’s move in North America.

The burden is to raise up strong and permanent teams across the Midwest college campuses. Find out the latest information of the Lord’s move in the Midwest college campus, how you can financially support the campus teams, and even become a full-timer.

A website to provide the saints in the Lord’s recovery with information about the work being carried out through the support of LME.

The L.A. Years is an oral history project that seeks to document the early history of the Lord’s recovery in the U.S. We invite you to explore the site and to subscribe to be notified as new material is released.

Next Generation

A very useful website for families and children to learn about God and the Bible.  It has children’s books, music, videos, stories, and much more.

A simple website to find the latest messages and fellowship for parents and young people in the Midwest.

A week-long training in the summer for college students in North Ameria. These trainings have been known to revolutionize the lives of college students.

A two-year training program for college graduates to learn about the truth, life, the church, and service.  Learn more about the training and how to prepare yourself for the FTTA.

Apps (Download in App Store)

Project Hymnal

Have the most up-to-date versions of hymns and all the newest songs at your disposal – all offline.  learn a new song, listen to instrumentals, view music sheets, and play guitar all from your device.

Joseph’s Storehouse

Feed yourself with the ministry of God’s word. With this app you can listen to messages, stream hymns, stay up to date with newly released conferences, and read or listen to the Bible.

500 Life-studies

Aims to help and encourage believers to get into the truth by using the Life-study of the bible. The “500” comes from Witness lee’s encouragement to seeking believers to read at least 500 Life-study messages for their spiritual nourishment and growth.

Young People Unit 7 Lessons